Five Formulas You Need to Know

You’re on your way! Use these five formulas to make the case for your membership program.

These simple formulas provide an in-depth look at the value of membership for your institution. Put them to use to influence stakeholders and  justify investment in your program.

  • Renewal rate

    A crucial number to know is one of the hardest to calculate. Proper coding and tracking allows you to analyze your results and implement the best strategies for your renewal program. 

    You can access our handy renewal tracker here.

  • New member value

    Calculate for 3 to 5 years to show acquisition’s long-term impact on member revenue.

    Projected # of new members × renewal rate × renewal average gift

  • Current average member value

    Create a strong membership marketing strategy based on each member’s cumulative average value.

    Query your database for current members, then export all their giving: membership, annual fund, other donations, program revenue, gift membership, shop and café purchases, and capital campaign gifts.

    Then calculate total revenue ÷ # of current members.

  • Members really do pay to visit

    Members don’t visit for free. Find the average amount it costs a member to visit, each time. 

    Total member program revenue ÷ total # of member visits

  • Donors start as members

    What percent of donors started as members?

    # of donors whose first transaction was membership ÷ # of current donors

  • Ready to take the next step for your program?

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