Case Study: Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden October 2021 Member Acquisition focused on acquiring new members ahead of the Grand Opening of the new Visitor Center.

Having embarked on an expansive capital campaign to replace and expand the visitor center, the Missouri Botanical Garden partnered with Daniller + Company to create a direct mail acquisition campaign and leverage this exciting new chapter.  In addition to inviting members to join and experience the grand opening of the Visitor Center, Daniller proposed mailing in late 2021 and testing a dual Capital Campaign and membership ask.


The campaign mailed in October 2021, well ahead of the grand opening, and focused on this exciting time of opportunity, as well as current events and offerings.  In particular, the package featured the popular Garden Glow holiday light show, with package design inspired by the bright 2021 theme.  The test package included a stronger emphasis on the opportunity to support the Capital Campaign, with details on the special recognition available to encourage higher-level giving.


Both the control and test packages used a #10 package format with a window outer envelope and four panel brochure, providing ample space to display engaging Garden Glow visuals, year-round membership offerings, and updates on the new visitor center.  The package was supported by a series of robust emails and paid social media ads to boost response.


The campaign far exceeded projections, with 56% more gifts (1.33% response rate) and 53% more income.  The ROI for the campaign was a strong $2.38, 73% higher than projected.  Test results indicated that either package focus could be mailed successfully for the garden, informing our strategy for the remaining campaigns ahead of the reopening.