Case Study: The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

With the opening of Sherlock Holmes: The Exhibition, Frost Science mailed an engaging acquisition package that successfully attracted new audiences, engaged lapsed members, and drove attendance and ticket revenue.

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (Frost Science), a leading science museum in Miami, Florida, partnered with Daniller + Company on a spring direct mail member acquisition package centered around the exciting opening of Sherlock Holmes: The Exhibition. The campaign aimed to re-engage lapsed members and reach new audiences, introducing them to the membership experience and Frost Science’s world-class offerings, educational programs, and important conservation efforts.

The campaign employed a cost-effective #10 package with bold design to stand out in the mail. Compelling descriptions and vivid images helped recipients imagine their families experiencing all that Frost Science has to offer, including Sherlock Holmes. A generous special offer was also included to drive immediate response, with a thank you gift strategically given at select levels to encourage higher-level memberships.


The campaign was a tremendous success, exceeding projections across all metrics. In addition to the number of gifts exceeding projections by 139%, the average gift was 34% above projected goals, indicating that the design and strategy successfully moved members to higher levels. The combination of a higher number of gifts and higher average gift led total income to exceed projections by a whopping 220%.

Beyond new memberships, Frost Science sought to understand how the direct mail campaign impacted ticket revenue and attendance. Daniller + Company completed a ticket buyer matchback to determine how many direct mail package recipients purchased a ticket to Frost Science within the campaign lifecycle. With ticket revenue included, the campaign secured 65% more income for Frost Science, above and beyond membership revenue—indicating that the acquisition campaign positively impacted membership AND admission revenue.