Case Study: Brooklyn Museum

As one of five stops on The Obama Portraits Tour, the Brooklyn Museum had an exciting opportunity to engage lapsed members and prospects, inviting them to experience the exhibition as a member.

A direct mail campaign was developed to capitalize on this opportunity, centering on The Obama Portraits Tour, as well as the other special exhibitions on view at the museum in 2021. This was a particularly important campaign for the museum, as it continued its recovery from recent closures due to the pandemic where New York was especially hard hit.

Daniller’s creative team was tasked with incorporating the distinct brand for The Obama Portraits Tour with the museum’s brand, while highlighting the other exhibitions. The campaign used a #10 package with a new brochure layout to provide ample space to showcase each exhibition through stunning visuals and captivating descriptions. The four exhibitions were connected under the theme of art’s ability to bring people together and provide new perspectives, and recipients were invited to be part of the great art, big ideas, and courageous conversations happening only at the Brooklyn Museum. A combination of compelling special offers was included in the package to drive response, with strategically tiered opportunities to encourage higher-level giving.


The campaign exceeded projected goals on all metrics, including earning 105% more gifts and 76% more income—making it the top performing acquisition campaign for the Brooklyn Museum in several years.