Case Study: Atlanta Botanical Garden

In February 2022, the Atlanta Botanical Garden mailed a dynamic acquisition campaign centering around popular springtime exhibits at their Atlanta and Gainesville locations.

The campaign used a large-format package with bright colors and bold images to present the beautiful springtime season in the mail. The outer envelope featured a rainbow of flowers with inviting teasers to attract attention in the mail. A large double-parallel fold brochure, packed with engaging images, offered ample space to thoroughly explain the membership levels and benefits as well as highlight the special opportunities at the Gardens. The two-page letter was friendly and inviting, detailing the many reasons to join right away. An easy-to-use reply form summarized the special offers and reiterated the package deadline, with a reply envelope included for convenience.

With so much happening at each Garden, the campaign targeted different demographics based on location, with package elements that focused more on the Atlanta or Gainesville Garden, depending on the geography of the recipient.  Special letters and brochures were created for each audience focusing on either the Atlanta Garden or the Gainesville Garden.


The acquisition campaign was a tremendous success, earning 33% more gifts and 35% more revenue than anticipated for a return on investment of $2.70. The campaign also successfully increased the membership base near the Gainesville location—more than doubling the number gained from the previous year’s Gainesville-specific prospecting campaign.