Gardens & Parks

Implementing powerful membership campaigns is how we make your program grow.

Parks and Gardens will see membership and annual giving programs bloom with a carefully cultivated promotional strategy that balances mission with a clear promise of value. When you work with Daniller + Company, you’ll get a creative strategy and an innovative campaign customized for your unique institution by people who have worked in similar organizations.

We’ll help you:

Acquire New Members

An acquisition campaign is your biggest and riskiest investment — and your key to a robust membership program. Most organizations lose between 30 and 65% of their file every year. You cannot afford to NOT acquire new members and donors! Daniller + Company will help you develop and implement a successful acquisition campaign that’s customized to your organization’s specific brand. Learn More »

Improve Renewals

Your renewals should be your largest and most consistent source of income, providing crucial unrestricted operating funds with a high return on investment. Daniller + Company’s data-driven strategies will push your renewal program from autopilot to agile by encouraging higher average gifts and early responses. We can create and implement monthly renewals for you, or provide you with a comprehensive multichannel program that you can manage each month. Remember, a healthy renewal program is the bellwether of a robust fundraising program!
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Prompt Upgrades and Additional Giving

Your current members and donors are your best prospects. Are you offering upgrades and requesting additional gifts? When you engage members with an offer to advance their membership to a higher level, you’ll increase your average gift this year and in future years. We can help you improve your members’ commitment through elevated experiences and strengthened relationships. We’ll also help you boost gift frequency and increase revenue through annual, holiday, and other special funds. Learn More »

Increase Monthly Giving

Securing recurring contributions is a smart way to guarantee regular cash flow, improve donor retention, and increase the lifetime value of your donors. With a focus on convenience, added benefits, and your mission, we develop smart, customized multichannel campaigns to acquire new monthly donors and increase your average gift. Learn More »

Strengthen Mid-Level Memberships

Mid-level members are among your organization’s most loyal members, and they may be open to deepening their engagement. Whether they give $250 or upward of $1,500 annually, there is always room for improvement. We can analyze your program and create a plan to use mail, email, and other opportunities to acquire and advance these important mid-level members. Learn More »

Apply Analytics

Analytics are integral drivers in all our programs. Armed with data, we develop informed strategies that lead to a more robust membership program. Daniller + Company synthesizes your data and uses a standardized reporting process and methodology that our agency has developed and refined over decades. Concise analysis ensures that each campaign is guided by the latest intelligence. Learn More »

Assess and Plan

Reflecting on previous campaigns can help you plan your next best move!

We use data and in-depth analysis to help you understand your program’s history and trends, and then we develop a realistic assessment of strengths and opportunities. You will benefit from our unique insights and expertise, which we have gained from working with dozens of visitor-based organizations across the country.

Assessments Outline:

  • Overall growth, trends, and financial performance
  • Membership composition by geography, member level, and other characteristics
  • Where you land compared to your industry’s best practices and benchmarks
  • Your program’s areas of strength
  • Your program’s opportunities for growth and enhancement
  • Actionable items that are customized to your unique situation

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