Case Study: The Barnes Foundation

We partnered with the Barnes Foundation to create an appeal inviting mid- and high-level members to advance their membership support, using a matching gift offer as a major incentive. The appeal was part of an institution-wide campaign to secure a $1 Million Challenge Grant and was responsible for raising a significant portion of that goal.

The appeal recognized the member’s exceptional support of the Barnes, highlighted the match opportunity, and emphasized the special opportunities and benefits available at the higher levels. An oversized, highly personalized package was developed to acknowledge the recipient’s support and convey the importance of the invitation enclosed. Beyond the letter and reply form, additional package elements were included for added personalization and to help the recipient feel part of an important community of dedicated supporters.


Though fewer members were mailed than projected, the appeal achieved an 11% higher response rate and 42% higher average gift, significantly exceeding target and net revenue. Members responded positively to the Challenge Grant to support the future of the Barnes Foundation, and the Barnes strengthened its relationship with this dedicated group of members.